South Molle Island

South Molle Island in the Whitsundays is just one of the many Whitsunday Islands where you can truly experience the surrounding Great Barrier Reef right at your fingertips. Indulge your fairy tale holiday and take time out relaxing in an all-inclusive holiday, providing you with a collection of activities to entertain even the most demanding critics.

The boat transfer from Shute Harbour will have you in the Whitsunday Islands in just 40 minutes. You can relax and enjoy the trip to South Molle Island, being transported across the spectacular Great Barrier Reef housing a kaleidoscope of colours promised beneath the surface.

The Great Barrier Reef draws visitors from all over the world, eager to experience the wonders of the reef and see first hand the variety of marine life. With a number of Islands in the area to visit you can take advantage of being ferried around the Whitsundays visiting a number of resorts during your stay.

South Molle Island resort is the sole resort operating on South Molle Island and provides a variety of accommodation choices to suit every size family. This Island provides its visitors with 16 kilometres of National Park complete with a maze of bush walking tracks leading you to discover the unique flora and fauna living within the Whitsunday region, beautifully complementing the famous marine life.

The beautiful tropical weather in the Whitsundays South Molle Island (refer to the South Mole Island weather guide) makes it a popular place with tourists all year round, taking advantage of the warm sunshine.